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Styking to the Classics

Family, Fanfic, & Devil Dogs

R. M. Styxinen
28 October 1989
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the girl. 22. red head. texan. goalie. right fielder. united states marine. only child. married women. mother of two. insanely loyal. highly sarcastic. laid back. dry humor. democrat. tomboy. writer. failure at math. fandom obsessed. drama geek. book worm. slasher. unsquickable.

her things. one very unloyal golden retriever. one sexy husband. two cute sons. one steve ott jersey. one M16A2 service rifle. one shiny black ipod. too many dvds. way too many books. loads of useless knowledge.

the boys. the dallas stars. the washington capitals. the texas stars. the idaho steelheads. the texas brahmas. the texas rangers. the fort worth cats. marty turco. steve ott. jeff halpern. mike smith. toby petersen. mark fistric. aaron downey. craig ferguson.

the classics. bing crosby. bob hope. dean martin. frank sinatra. fred astaire. gene kelly. jerry lewis. ginger rogers. judy garland.

the fandoms. anderson cooper 360. angel. buffy. the daily show. dexter. firefly. harry potter. house. law and order: ci. law and order: svu. mash. nhl. nip/tuck. oz. rome. whose line is it anyway. x-files.

the ships. anderson/john. angel/buffy. spike/ buffy. spike/dawn. john/stephen. dexter/brian. dexter/deb. harry/severus. hermione/severus. house/cameron. house/wilson. eames/goren. benson/stabler. stabler/beecher. hawkeye/margaret. hawkeye/trapper. hawkeye/bj. hockey player/hockey player. christian/sean. beecher/keller. pullo/vorenus. colin/ryan. mulder/scully.

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